Tips for Preventative Dental Care in Anaheim

We provide preventative dental care in Anaheim and can help you to have lifelong oral health.  There are steps that you can take for your health and the health of your family.  These steps include daily care at home and […] Continue Reading

Adult Orthodontics Options: Three Things to Know

In our Anaheim office, we can provide you with adult orthodontics options for straightening your teeth.  If you have dreamed of a beautiful smile but were unable to get braces as a child, you can still do so.  The good […] Continue Reading

A Pediatric Dentist Talks About Making a Child’s First Visit Exceptional

Being a pediatric dentist means that we work with children on a daily basis, and as such, we have learned the importance of making their visits to our clinic the most comfortable they can be. One of the most important […] Continue Reading

Tips for motivating healthy brushing habits in children

As a dentist in Anaheim, we are constantly speaking with parents about their children’s at-home oral hygiene habits, or lack thereof.  It can be particularly challenging for parents to get their children to brush their teeth.  Even children that brush […] Continue Reading

Anaheim Dentist Answers Frequently Asked Questions

As your Anaheim dentist, I answer a large number of questions during regular dental checkups and exams. I am happy to answer any questions a patient has since the answers can help fuel the patient’s interest in oral health. The more […] Continue Reading

Our Anaheim Dentist Office Can Provide You With More Than a Children’s Dental Cleaning

When you visit our Anaheim dentist office for a childrens dental cleaning, we will remove the plaque and tartar on your child’s teeth, but that is only the start. The cleanings are incredibly important because it allows us to remove […] Continue Reading

There Are Distinct Advantages of Visiting a Family Dentist in Anaheim

As a family dentist in Anaheim we know that visiting our office has specific advantages, both for you. We know that nobody enjoys going to the dentist and that most people would avoid it if at all possible. The family […] Continue Reading

Answers to Questions About Invisalign Treatments for Adults

Invisalign is a unique teeth straightening system that uses clear, nearly invisible aligners to gently and gradually move crooked or out of place teeth into the correct alignment. Invisalign is unlike traditional braces in that it provides a less noticeable […] Continue Reading

The Benefits of Anaheim Teeth Whitening on Your Smile and Interactions

Believe it or not, teeth whitening can actually play an important role in how you interact with people socially, especially in the context of first meetings. The reality of human interaction in a first meeting is that we all rush […] Continue Reading

Our Anaheim Dentist Office Debunks Common Health Myths

Patients of our Anaheim dentist office regularly ask questions about oral health. While some are more common in nature, like what toothbrush is the best to use and "how long should I brush my teeth," others are based on popular […] Continue Reading